What is this group about?

The grief and loss group was designed to assist members going through many forms of loss.  Through educational instruction members will acquire knowledge with respect to complicated and uncomplicated grief and the mourning process.  Throughout sessions they will gain insight into their own mourning process and their personal experiences with loss.  Members will also build a support system within the group in order to assist in the adjustment of the life changes that often occur after loss.  Each session will consist of an educational component, group discussion, processing activities, at home activities to foster progress outside of the therapeutic setting, and the acquisition of such coping skills as relaxation techniques and anxiety reduction methods.

How big is the group?

Generally the group will consist of 6-10 members at a time.  However, smaller groups are successful as well.  

How often does the group meet?
There is one group offered per week.   Additional groups may be added if demand is greater than the capacity of each group.  Generally the educational information is given in 10 week cycles, so a member can expect to attend at least 10 sessions.

Where is this group located?
The Grief and Loss group is located at Mindful Connections Mental Health, LLC's Castle Rock location! We hope to have the capability of holding groups in Colorado Springs location soon.  In the mean time we would love to see you in Castle Rock!

Do I have to attend every week?

Group cohesion is very important for the success of the group.  Therefore we request that you make every effort to attend each session until you have decided you no longer need to attend the group.  However, we understand that things come up that can make it difficult to attend every session.  

Once I have completed the program can I continue during future cycles?

Absolutely!  The content is largely the same but members will come and go and the opportunity to gain support from new people is immense!  We encourage continued attendance to future sessions!

How much does program cost?

The group costs $250.00 per member, per 10 week cycle or $30.00 per session for those attending irregularly. Payment is due at the beginning or prior to the start of the first session for a 10 week cycle or at the beginning of each session for those attending irregularly.  Payment plans and sliding scale fees are available to those who need it.  Discounts may be given to large groups who would like to create their own group!

What if I register and pay the fees and decide not to attend the group?  Can I get my money back?
Withdraw from the program must occur at least 48 hours prior to the start date of the first session for those who are attending the entire 10 week cycle and have paid in advance in order to receive a refund for the entire registration fee.  Partial refund is available if withdraw of registration takes place prior to the start of the second session. 

How do I register?
Contact Dr. Erika Johnson at 720-402-6648 or Erika@mindfulconnect.com to get the dates and times for the next group cycle, we will get you registered from there!

What if there aren't enough members signed up for the next cycle to hold the group?
In the event there are not enough members registered for any given cycle, members who are signed up will be contacted and given several options to register for the next available group and apply the fee to the group they attend, hold the group with a smaller number of members, or take part in the program on an individual level.

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