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Chronic Pain Group

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What is this group about?
The psychoeducational Chronic Pain group is formatted to assist members in learning to manage pain and cope with the emotional struggles, relationship strain, and physical tension that often results from chronic pain and chronic illness.  During an 8 week program members will navigate through a chronic pain program that addresses stress, time and energy management, and relaxation techniques.  Members will take part in relaxation exercises during each group session and process through their experiences.  Support from other members is an important part of this group as well.  Members will have the opportunity to share their stories and advice while meeting new people and gaining a support system that includes others who can relate to their pain and emotional difficulties.  Although members are encouraged throughout the course of the program to invite and include members of their external support system such as family and friends, they are especially encouraged to include them during the last two sessions that address the strain of being a caregiver and the importance of personal life roles and how they change when chronic pain is present.  If a member's support system is unable to attend these sessions do not be discouraged!  At the end of the two weeks you will have gained additions to your support system that you did not have before and the facilitator would be very willing to hold those particular sessions on an individual level by request during a time that is more convenient!

How big is the group?
Generally a group consists of 4-5 members at a time.  However space allows for 8 members during one 8 week cycle.  Depending on the number of registrants, more than one group may be offered per week in order to keep the groups manageable and at a comfortable size for members.

How often does the group meet?
Once a week for 8 weeks.  Days and times the group meets varies per cycle.

Where is this group located?
The Chronic Pain group is located at Mindful Connections Mental Health, LLC's Castle Rock location! We hope to have the capability of holding groups in Colorado Springs location soon.  In the mean time we would love to see you in Castle Rock!

Do I have to attend all 8 sessions?
Group cohesion is very important for the success of the group.  Therefore we request that you make every effort to attend each session.  However, we understand that things come up and living with chronic pain or illness can make it difficult to attend every session.  All we ask is that if you are going to miss more than 2 sessions you discontinue the remaining sessions and begin again when the next cycle starts.

Once I have completed the program can I continue during future cycles?
Absolutely!  The content is largely the same but members will come and go and the opportunity to gain support from new people is immense!  We encourage continued attendance to future sessions!

How much does program cost?
The group costs $250.00 per member for the entire 8 week program.  Family and Friends who attend the last two sessions attend at no cost.  Family and Friends who attend all sessions will be considered group members and need to register and pay the member fee.  The Member fee includes the session fees and program manual.  Members will also have the option of purchasing the relaxation CD that is used during the program. Mindful Connections does not profit from the purchase of the CD's.  Payment is required at registration.

What if I register and pay the fees and decide not to attend the group?  Can I get my money back?
Withdrawl from the program must occur at least 24 hours prior to the start date.  24 hour registration cancellation allows for a refund of 75% of the total fee.  Cancellations made in less than 24 hours in advance of the program start date are non-refundable.

How do I register?

Contact Dr. Erika Johnson at 720-402-6648 or Erika@mindfulconnect.com to get the dates and times for the next pain group cycle, we will get you registered from there!

What if there aren't enough members signed up for the next cycle to hold the group?
In the event there are not enough members registered for any given cycle, members who are signed up will be contacted and given several options to register for the next available group and apply the fee to the group they attend, hold the group with a smaller number of members, or take part in the program on an individual level.